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SWAN Leadership Change & Opportunities Available in All Locations!

Dear SWAN Members,

Thank you for interest and participation in SWAN! You are a valued part of our community, and as such, we would like to let you know of a leadership change, as well as opportunities to get involved in SWAN in each hub city.
Earlier this month, SWAN Global Chair and SWAN New York Chair, Emily Howells Matson, stepped down from her position. We thank Emily for her remarkable vision and leadership, especially for her success in unifying the SWAN hubs and creating a truly global SWAN community! We were honored that Emily asked us to step in to the role of SWAN Global Co-Chairs and we will do our best to serve the global SWAN community during this period of transition.
In order to continue SWAN's success, we ask you to consider joining SWAN leadership. Opportunities are available in all four of SWAN's hub cities:

We hope you will consider these opportunities! Please apply by next Tuesday, May 1, 2018. You will find specific application instructions in the Scopes of Work.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you at a future SWAN event!
All the best,

Rachel Dunsmoor, '08 and Dara Iserson, '09
Acting SWAN Global Co-Chairs
SWAN DC Hub Co-Chairs

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